Subject: Open Seminar on Sociomateriality

Invitation to open seminar

Sociomateriality: Exchanges on theory and empirical issues
Lecturer: Ulrike Schultze, Cox School of Business | Southern Methodist
Uppsala University, Dept. of Business Studies, May 8-9th 2017

Dear Colleagues,

the Universities of Uppsala, Sweden (Department of Business Studies) and
Salzburg, Austria (HRM Group) jointly organize an open seminar on the
application of theories discussed under the umbrella term of sociomateriality
(e.g. Orlikowski 2009, Schatzki 2010, Cecez-Kecmanovic, Galliers et al. 2014).
The purpose of the seminar is to create an environment to facilitate exchange,
discussion and debate on theoretical accounts (including ontological
assumptions) that cut across different disciplines, and, most importantly,
ideas on the operationalization of these theories/ontologies in empirical
research. To foster as broad discussions as possible, we do not have any
formal restrictions for contributions. We welcome any formats, including
papers, essays, presentations of initial ideas and reflections or other
formats (e.g., films, etc.). Ulrike Schultze, one leading scholar of
sociomateriality in information systems research, will give a lecture (title
TBA) and attend this open exchange.

The seminar will be free and limited to 30 participants.

Please submit your contributions until May 1st, 2017 to<>

For registration and questions please contact<>

Best regards,
Johan Gregeby (Uppsala University, Dep. of Business Studies)
Markus Ellmer (University of Salzburg, HRM Group)


Inivitation (pdf)


Ulrike Schultze on "How Social Media Shapes Identity"
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