Subject: Special Issue: Socio-technical Transitions & Emerging Bio-economies


Dear all,

You may find the recent special issue published by /Technology Analysis
& Strategic Management /of interest. It's on the geographies of
socio-technical transitions in emerging bio-economies.


*Geographical perspectives on sociotechnical transitions and emerging
bio-economies: introduction to a special issue
Kirby E. Calvert, Peter Kedron, Jennifer Baka & Kean Birch


Limits to policy-led innovation and industry development in US biofuels
Peter Kedron & Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen

Unpacking resource mobilisation by incumbents for biorefineries: the
role of micro-level factors for technological innovation system
Teis Hansen & Lars Coenen

Plant-based bioeconomy in Central Germany – a mapping of actors,
industries and places
Wilfried Ehrenfeld & Frieder Kropfhäußer

Biorefinery strategies: exploring approaches to developing forest-based
biorefinery activities in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada
M. Jean Blair, Laura Cabral & Warren E. Mabee

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