Subject: Gender in Academia: Past, Present, and Future - open panel at 4S meeting in Boston


We organise an open panel on *Gender in Academia: Past, Present, and
Future* at the meeting of Society for Social Study of Science in Boston,
August 30 - Sept 2 2017. See

We invite you to submit abstract of papers - see how at The panel's topic is described as follows:

*71. Gender in Academia: Past, Present, and Future**
Organized by: Knut H. Sorensen, NTNU Norwegian University of Science and
Technology; Vivian A. Lagesen, NTNU

STS, in particular feminist technoscience studies, has long been
concerned with the co-production of gender with various aspects of
technoscience, including the analysis of gender (im)balance in
technoscientific institutions. This panel calls for papers that analyse
gender (im)balance in universities and other scientific organisations to
improve the understanding of gender balance dynamics in different
contexts. Such dynamics could be explored within specific disciplines,
acknowledging the substantial differences within the STEM field, the
life sciences as well as the social sciences and the humanities. What
kind of disciplinary and/or local cultures stimulate or impede the
improvement of gender balance among professors, post docs and PhD
students? How is gender co-produced with class, ethnicity, and age?
Observations of large variations with respect to gender balance may be
seen to challenge feminist technoscience theories that make general
claims about gender in/of science. Does this mean that these theories
need to be modified? Another important field of inquiry is the role of
gender balance with respect to choice of research topics and approaches.
Does an improved gender balance change the culture of doing research?
Papers addressing the shaping of inclusion instruments and their effects
with respect to gender balance among the various kinds of scientific
positions are also welcomed. Why may some instruments be more effective
than others? In general, papers that converse with STS and feminist
technoscience will be given priority.

Kind regards,

Vivian and Knut

Knut H. Sorensen
During 2017: Visiting researcher, UCLA Institute of the Environment and sustainability (IoES)

Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture
Centre for Technology and Society
NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology
7491 Trondheim, Norway
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