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Message posted on 26/06/2024

Call for Papers, RESET journal - Digitalization of "Local" Politics

Dear colleagues,

I take the liberty of sharing the latest Call for Papers of the RESET journal, that aims at exploring the digitalization of politics at the "local" levels, and its consequences, in a special issue edited by Marie Neihouser, Anaïs Théviot and Sébastien François.

The deadline for submission of an abstract proposal is July 15, 2024.

Please find the call here:

A French-language version is also available:

All best, Francesca

-- Francesca Musiani, Ph.D.

Chargée de recherche HDR | Associate Research Professor, CNRS

Directrice adjointe | Deputy Director, Centre for Internet and Society (UPR 2000 & GDR 2091 CNRS) Chercheuse associée | Associate Researcher, i3-CSI , MINES ParisTech Global Fellow, Internet Governance Lab , American University

I'm involved in projects: IAction

| SoBigData++ | TIGre

I help co-editing: Internet Policy Review | RESET I'm an advisor for: ISOC France | ANSSI

I'm here on the Web , including my publications.

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