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Message posted on 15/06/2024

Call for Papers: "Contesting Artificial Intelligence: Communicative Practices, Organizational Structures, and Enabling Technologies" (Frontiers Research Topic)

Dear STS community,

We’d like to draw your attention to our interdisciplinary research topic “Contesting Artificial Intelligence: Communicative Practices, Organizational Structures, and Enabling Technologies”. It would be great if your ideas and perspectives were represented in the collection in the form of an article.

You can find the full Call for Papers here:

Deadline for abstracts: 30 Sept 2024 Deadline for full papers: 31 Mar 2025 Expected date of publication: Dec 2025

We will also have a panel at EASST/4S conference 2024 in Amsterdam related to the Research Topic and you’re very welcome to join us there:

The research topic aims at bringing together contributions addressing concepts, approaches, and techniques of AI contestability in the context of organizational and cross-organizational communication. This may involve interventions from research fields such as science and technology studies, organizational sociology, critical algorithm and data studies, applied ethics, legal studies, data science, software engineering, human-centered computing, and critical design.

Frontiers Research Topics are collaborative initiatives by multiple journals gathering contributions on one thematic area or issue. In our case, accepted contributions can be published in one of the following peer-reviewed journals: Frontiers in Communication (lead), Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, Frontiers in Sociology, Frontiers in Big Data, Frontiers in Computer Science and Frontiers in Human Dynamics. You can decide for yourself which journal to submit to. If a considerable number of articles are collected, they will additionally be published as a special issue / ebook.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. Very much looking forward to your contributions!

Best regards from the co-editor team, Simon Hirsbrunner, Lou Brandner, Hazar Harmoush and Jesse Benjamin

PS: For full transparency, this is an Open Access only initiative and Article Processing Charges apply to the publishing of final articles. Waivers to APCs may apply in exceptional circumstances (authors and institutions with insufficient funding, particularly from the Majority World). You can find more information here:

Dr. Simon David Hirsbrunner Senior Researcher / Team Leader AI and Data Ethics

International Center for Ethics in the Sciences (IZEW) University of Tübingen Wilhelmstraße 19 D-72074 Tübingen ter-for-ethics-in-the-sciences-and-humanities/team/dr-simon-david-hirsbrunner /

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