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CfP Before data, after platforms. Long trajectories of mobilities’ digitalisation T2M Conference in Leipzig

Dear all,

I would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the panel "Before data, after platforms. Long trajectories of mobilities’ digitalisation" at the T2M Conference in Leipzig, 23-25 September 2024.

The CfP is open until April 7th and all the necessary information can be found on the website:

You can see the rationale for the panel below. Please get in touch directly with me in case of any questions. Submissions should go to

Best wishes (and apologies for cross-posting), Karol

Digitalisation is one of the main driving forces of current transformations of mobilities and transport. The trend is clearly visible anywhere from vehicle sharing, transportation planning systems, integration of mobility platforms to autonomisation to growing use of AI. At the same time, many of the new technologies have their roots in old ones and only use “just add data” formula to purport the reinvention of transportation. For instance, shared bikes comprise of new networked online data but also a bike – technology with over 150 years of history.

This session wants to look for these old inspirations that now form an integral part of digitalising mobilities and explore possibilities of going beyond digitalisation itself. In this way, it creates a space for critical, historical and future investigations into what is pre-, or not digital in the new data-oriented technologies. It also intends to interrogate the history of data-oriented systems and their influence on current technologies as well as the future that goes beyond platform and AI mobilities.

The session especially welcomes (but is not limited to) contributions that explore following issues:

  • Pre-digital uses of large-scale data for transportation.
  • Non-digital transportation system that feed digitalisation.
  • Historical cases of proto-digitalisation in transportation and mobility planning.
  • Failed or abandoned data innovation in transportation history.
  • Long duration and persistence of data – where do digital systems learn from?
  • Blind spots of digitalisation – what are the consequences of not sufficiently digitalised mobilities?
  • Future beyond data and platforms – what will we learn about transport from its digitalisation?
  • Will there be non-digital mobilities and what will they be based on?

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