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Online lecture on 2 April 4-5PM by Hamza Hamouschene, Dismantling Green Colonialism: Energy and Climate Justice in the Arab Region

Dear all,

Please join us next Tuesday 2nd March, 4-5pm for the third in the online talk series 'Patching the World: On Cultures of Techno-solutionism in Art, Politics and Environmental Justice.'

Best wishes, Theo

Hamza Hamouschene (Environmental Justice North Africa / North African Food Sovereignty Network)

Dismantling Green Colonialism: Energy and Climate Justice in the Arab Region

Tuesday 2 April, 4-5PM online on Zoom

Register at this link

The Arab region is a focus of world politics, with authoritarian regimes, significant fossil fuel reserves and histories of colonialism and imperialism. It is also the site of potentially immense green energy resources. It is a region ripe for energy transition, but held back by resource-grabbing and (neo)colonial agendas. The talk shows the importance of fighting for a just energy transition and climate justice - exposing policies and practices that protect global and local political elites, multinational corporations and military regimes. Covering a wide range of countries, this presentation challenges Eurocentrism and highlights instead a class-conscious approach to climate justice that is necessary for our survival.

The book the talk is based on is available as an open-access e-book here.

Hamza Hamouchene is a London-based Algerian researcher-activist, commentator and a founding member of Algeria Solidarity Campaign (ASC), and Environmental Justice North Africa (EJNA).

Hamza's talk is the third of four online lectures, as part of a lecture series entitled Patching the World: On Cultures of Techno-solutionism in Art, Politics and Environmental justice.

In a world where seemingly intractable problems in society, politics and the environment proliferate by the day, it can often feel like much of the responsibility for finding solutions has been delegated to the fields of Science and Technology. This series of talks takes a step back from problems themselves to understand what it means to fix, solve or repair within these fields, and how the tendency towards techno-solutionism is underpinned by specific worldviews and economic infrastructures.

In the environmental sphere, this is exemplified by speculative and potentially harmful technologies being presented as viable solutions for the problems of climate change and biodiversity loss. Are such proposals merely the by-products of a capitalist imaginary that finds it easier to generate techno-fixes rather than acknowledge planetary limits? Do they entrench existing socio-economic inequalities, and patriarchal and Eurocentric conceptions of agency? Or can generating solutions in this way help provide pathways to action that may be impeded by the modes of problematisation conventionally associated with the arts and humanities?

Organised by Theo Reeves-Evison and Kirsten Forkert (BCU)

Dr. Theo Reeves-Evison (He/him) Senior Lecturer in Theoretical and Contextual Studies Birmingham School of Art Birmingham City University

I work part time: my teaching days are Tuesday - Thursday


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