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Online Short Course: An Introduction to (Ethical) Open Source Research Skills

Online Short Course: An Introduction to (Ethical) Open Source Research Skills

Organised by: University of Liverpool

Presenter: Ray Adams Row Farr

Dates: 01/05/2024 - 02/05/2024, and 09/05/2024 - 10/05/2024

Deadline for registration: 01/04/2024

Contact: Dr Billie-Gina Thomason,


Ethical Open Source Investigation: A Deep Dive into Key Skills is a two-part methodology course which teaches open source skills whilst foregrounding a critical and reflexive approach to open source investigations. You will learn practical skills to evaluate social media content, online databases and satellite images, whilst integrating considerations of ethics, care and power.

This material is developed from the University of Cambridge's Open Source Investigation for Academics course (which was co-designed by Dr Ella McPherson, Ray Adams Row Farr, Nik Yasikov and Laetitia Maurat) and inspired by the university's collaboration with Amnesty International as part of their Digital Verification Corps - an international network of universities where students trained in open source investigation contribute to Amnesty's human rights fact-finding. It brings together long-standing academic considerations of positionality, reflexivity and ethics with a practical introduction to the methodologies of open source investigation.

This exciting opportunity to engage with Open Source Investigation is open to anyone interested in using OSI in any part of their work, whether a PhD student, Early Career Researcher, researcher in the field or academic. This is an intensive course and there is preparation and follow-up work expected from you. If you are unable to commit to the course in its entirely (2 days over 2 weeks) then you are unable to apply.

This short course will be facilitated online.

For further details and registration see here:

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