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Message posted on 17/11/2023

New special issue out!

Special Issue Medical Anthropology Generative Hanging Out in Health-Related Research: Developing Research Practices for Creative Engagements Of Subjects Edited by Jeannette Pols & Kristine Krause

Introduction Generative Hanging Out: Developing Engaged Practices for Health-Related Research A. J. Pols Pages: 707-719

Article Cripping Collaboration: Science Fiction and the Access to Disability Worlds Leonie Dronkert Pages: 720-736

Article Articulating Interesting Subject Positions for People with Dementia: On Hanging Out in Dutch Nursing Homes Annelieke Driessen Pages: 737-751

Article Drawing in Ethnography: Seeing and Unseeing Everyday Life with Dementia in Sweden Helena Cleeve Pages: 752-770

Article Clothing the Clown: Creative Dressing in a Day-center for People with Dementia in the Netherlands Ruud Hendriks Pages: 771-786

Article Narrating Digital Access, Trauma, and Disability Through Comics and Image Description in Denmark Barbara Nino Carreras & Brit Ross Winthereik Pages: 787-814

Article Researching Words without Speaking Them. Language as Care Practice in Multi-Lingual Care Environments in Poland Luise Schurian-Dbrowska & Kristine Krause Pages: 815-827

Article Finding Words for Feeling Bodies: Exploring Drawing Techniques in Dutch Care Practices Ulrike Scholtes Pages: 828-844

Prof dr A.J. (Jeannette) Pols Afdeling Antropologie / Department of Anthropology | Universiteit van Amsterdam | Nieuwe Achtergracht 166 Amsterdam| REC, Gebouw B/C, Kamer C5.08 | +31 (0)20 525 2504 Afdeling Ethiek, Recht & Humaniora / Department of Ethics, Law & Humanities| Amsterdam UMC, locatie VU | De Boelelaan 1089a Amsterdam|F-vleugel medische faculteit |020 - 444 8218 / 020 - 444 8266|

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