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Message posted on 09/11/2023

Registration open: STS Austria Conference 2023

Dear STS community!

Registration for our upcoming STS Austria Conference 2023: Digging Where We Stand: Activism, Community and the Politics of STS is now open! Please register here until November 12, 2023 latest.

We are very proud to present our conference programme including three fantastic keynotes

  • Pelin Tan (Batman University) 'Threshold Infrastructures: Pedagogies of Entangled Topographies'
  • Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam) 'Doing engaged research on data and algorithms: politics, pitfalls, open questions'
  • Katta Spiel (TU Wien) 'Impossible 'Choices' Activism in the Academy'

Plus participatory activities and special formats

  • Exploring activism at STS Austria: plenary participatory floor exercise with Sarah Rose Bieszczad, Guus Dix, Jorrit Smit
  • Workshop on Speculative Methods with Monika Halkort
  • Data Walking as Method for Teaching Critical Data Studies
  • Screening Realfiction: Climate Court of Audit Now!
  • A Manifesto for Activism in STS: participatory conference outlook

Looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!

Doris Allhutter

for the Organizing Committee: Andrea Schikowitz, Bao-Chau Pham, Doris Allhutter, Erik Aarden, Gwen Barnard, Juliane Jarke, Katja Mayer, Masafumi Nishi, Dana Wasserbacher

Member of the UNESCO Advisory Board on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence



Dr. Doris Allhutter Senior Scientist

ITA Institute of Technology Assessment Austrian Academy of Sciences

Bckerstrae 13, 1010 Vienna, Austria T: +43 1 51581-6585

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