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4th International Workshop on Empowering People in Dealing with Internet of Things Ecosystems (EMPATHY) – Call for Papers

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EMPATHY: Empowering People in Dealing with Internet of Things Ecosystems

OVERVIEW In the last decade, the spreading of low-cost technologies integrating sensors and actuators has favored the development of the so-called smart objects. This trend has been further fostered by the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects the physical world with Internet via ubiquitous sensors and actuators. The opportunities offered by the IoT are amplified by the use of new approaches that, based on novel interaction paradigms, involve directly non-technical users in configuring the joint behavior of their smart objects, among them and with online services.

Existing solutions to define the behavior of such “IoT ecosystems” range from systems that leave the users complete control for establishing the joint behavior of smart objects, to solutions that automatically define smart objects behavior exploiting intelligent techniques. In this continuum, different technologies, frameworks, and approaches present different levels of user control and automation. In this perspective it is also important to consider the emerging role played by social and humanoid robots, which are integrated sets of sensors and actuators with human-like behaviours.

DATES April 30th: Paper submission deadline May 4th: Paper acceptance notice May 17th: Camera-ready submission June 6th: Workshop day

SUGGESTED TOPICS FOR CONTRIBUTIONS This workshop aims to serve as a venue for discussing ongoing research and sharing ideas for researchers and practitioners working on solutions to personalize the behavior of IoT ecosystems. We aim to encourage participation in order to have stimulating discussion from various perspectives. Topics include, but are not limited, to:

    - End-User Development (EUD) for IoT;     - Interaction Paradigms for IoT;     - Usability of IoT Systems;     - Interface Design for IoT;     - Intelligent Interface for IoT Systems;     - Accessibility for IoT Systems;     - Virtual and Augmented Reality for EUD in IoT settings;     - Conversational User Interfaces for EUD;     - Usable Privacy and Security in IoT systems;     - Personalisation and Recommendations for IoT;     - IoT for Cultural Heritage;     - Ubiquitous computing and mobile human-computer interaction;     - Human-centered artificial intelligence in IoT contexts;     - Explainable AI solutions for EUD;     - User centered design;     - Personalization for Humanoid Robots;     - Integrated and Visual Development Environments for IoT;     - Interaction Paradigms for IoT;     - Industry case studies.

PARTICIPATION This will be a one-day workshop, oriented towards discussions, hands-on sessions, and presentations. We invite submissions of two types: short papers (3-4 pages) and position papers (1-2 pages). Participants are asked to submit their paper describing their recent or future work in one of the areas indicated in the topics of interest. All submissions must be in the 1-column CEURART Template (

Papers should be submitted in PDF to Easychair ( All papers will be reviewed by the organizers and by the program committee based on relevance and significance in order to provide constructive comments to the submitters. Reviewing will be single blind (i.e. author names and affiliations should be listed). If accepted, at least one of the authors must register and attend the workshop. Final versions of the accepted papers will be submitted for publication in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings, which is indexed by Scopus.

ORGANIZERS     - Margherita Andrao, University of Trento and Fondazione Bruno Kessler     - Fabrizio Balducci, University of Bari “Aldo Moro”     - Bernardo Breve, University of Salerno     - Andrea Mattioli, CNR-ISTI     - Fabiana Vernero, University of Torino

For more information, check our website at or contact us at (

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