Message posted on 31/03/2023

"Cybioses – life in the future imperfect", NSU summer session “what a waste: surplus art, theory and tékhnē”

Dear previous participants,

This is the call for the summer symposium, "What a waste: surplus art, theory and tékhnē", which will be the first summer session of our three year symposium series called:

"Cybioses – life in the future imperfect"

You can find a longer description of our symposium series and the abstract submission at the link below. It also includes all the details and background information: erfect/

The symposium is part of the Nordic Summer University (NSU), which organizes Nordic networks for interdisciplinary study and research, pioneering topics like technology, environmentalism, feminism within its tradition (see During the summer symposium there are many different symposia that are held at the same location, where all participants stay during its entire duration (see the link above for more information and the costs).

Deadline for Abstract Submission: Monday the 12th of May, 2023.

Date & Place of the Symposium: July 27th– August 3th, 2023, Palanga Lithuania

We invite scholars, artists, students, technologists, theorists and other professionals working or writing on topics related to "waste" to submit. Are approaches to "waste" as a meaningful intellectual category. Accordingly, the title "What a waste", begs the question of how to act with a less obvious lack of care and to act with purpose, which also extends to (our own) intellectual concerns and related practices. Which ones should have value, which should not? How do we decide what about art, theory and tékhnē are a waste, and what not?

We welcome experimental approaches to presenting and collaborating and we hope this topic will deepen and re-new our collaboration, with previous and new participants. Feel free to contact us if you are wondering how you would fit in.

Please send your abstracts with a short motivation letter and bio to us by the 12th of May to And, please, help us spread the word.

We look forward to your submissions and ask questions if you have them,

Eric Deibel, (Assistant Professor/Lecturer, Bilkent University STS program),

also on behalf of:

Palle Dahlstedt (Professor of Interaction Design, University of Gothenburg / Chalmers) and

Maru Mushtrieva (Researcher and text- and sound-artist with a background in literature and based between Berlin and Brussels.)

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