Message posted on 18/11/2022

Funded MA & PhD spots in STS at York University (Canada)

Accepting applications now for MA and PhD Study!

Please forward to anyone you think might be interested.

York University (Canada) Science & Technology Studies (STS) Graduate Program

  • Should scientists and engineers develop facial recognition software? What is the role of scientists and engineers in communicating the societal threats posed by global pandemics, artificial intelligence, and climate change? Can scientists and engineers be neutral observers? How should scientists and engineers engage with societal stakeholders like governments, publics, and business? How do you ensure that science and technology are designed for everyone? What sorts of social, cultural, and political values shape science and technology? Is innovation meant to be ethical and socially responsible? And, what are the social, political, ethical, cultural, and economic implications of science and technology?
  • These sorts of questions are the core focus of Science & Technology Studies (STS), sometimes called Science, Technology & Society. Researchers in STS examine the contemporary and historical context, shaping, and role of science, technology, and innovation in our societies.
  • Does this interest you? Apply here. Come and join us!

  • We are now accepting applications for our Science & Technology Studies (STS) graduate program for entry in September 2023!
  • We welcome applicants with science, social science, or humanities degrees who want to study science and technology using the methods and approaches of the social sciences and humanities.
  • Join the largest and most diverse STS graduate program in Canada, and one of the largest in the world.
  • Our provisional curriculum from September 2023 includes an Introduction to STS, two STS Research Clusters, and elective courses on Digital Technoscience; Big Tech; Science & the Enlightenment; and Collecting Science: Lives of Objects.
  • Get involved in our innovative, experimental, and interdisciplinary Research Clusters, recently created to support student learning and diverse career pathways; check out the Clusters on Technoscientific Injustices and Bodies: Organic, Inorganic, Technological!
  • Work with internationally-renowned supervisors who study a wide range of topics like adaptive design, feminist technoscience, Indigenous and postcolonial STS, technoscientific capitalism, health crises, pharmaceutical innovation, histories of science and experimentation, ethics of artificial intelligence, Big Tech and the power of digital platforms, public understanding of science, space exploration, technological embodiment, and more!
  • Start your training for careers in research and innovation policy; user design; science communication; healthcare decision-making; data and algorithm ethics; teaching.
  • We offer funding to all successful applicants to support your graduate studies at the MA and PhD levels! Our students regularly win external awards from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and other funding agencies.
  • We also have several $3000 and $6000 entrance scholarships for excellent MA and PhD students. Find Out More!

  • Website:
  • Contact the Graduate Program Director, Professor Denielle Elliott, with your questions: or Graduate Program Assistant Hazel Beechman

Kean Birch

Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change

Director, Institute for Technoscience & Society

Co-Editor, Science as Culture

Series Editor, Technoscience & Society Book Series, University of Toronto Press

Editorial Board Member, Science, Technology & Human Values; Social Epistemology; Humanities & Social Sciences Communications; OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology; and Digital.

Twitter| Website

Tel.: (+1) 416-736-2100, ext. 30126

Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change | York University

4700 Keele Street Toronto ON, Canada M3J 1P3


Birch, K. and Ward, C. (2022) Assetization and the 'new asset geographies', Dialogues in Human Geography [Open Access].

Birch, K. (2022) Reflexive expectations in innovation financing: An analysis of venture capital as a mode of valuation, Social Studies of Science [Open Access].

Kaltenbrunner, W., Birch, K., van Leeuwen, T. and Amuchastegui, M. (2022) Changing publication practices and the typification of the journal article in science & technology studies, Social Studies of Science 52(5): 758-782. [Open Access].

Guay, R. and Birch, K. (2022) A comparative analysis of data governance: Socio-technical imaginaries of digital personal data in the USA and EU (2008-2016), Big Data & Society 9(2): 1-13 [Open Access].

Kaltenbrunner, W., Birch, K. and Amuchastegui, M. (2022) Editorial work and the peer review economy of STS journals, Science, Technology, & Human Values 47(4): 670-697 [Open Access].

Birch, K., Ward, C. and Tretter, E. (2022) Special Section Introduction: New frontiers of techno-economic rentiership, Competition and Change 26(3-4): 407-414. [Open Access].

Birch, K. and Bronson, K. (2022) Forum Introduction: Big Tech, Science as Culture 31(1): 1-14 [Open Access].

Birch, K. and Cochrane, D.T. (2022) Big Tech: Four emerging forms of digital rentiership, Science as Culture 31(1): 44-58. [Open Access]

Birch, K., Cochrane, T. and Ward, C. (2021) Data as asset? The measurement, governance, and valuation of digital personal data by Big Tech, Big Data & Society 8(1): 1-15 [Open Access].


Birch, K. & Muniesa, F. (eds) (2020) Assetization: Turning Things into Assets in Technoscientific Capitalism, MIT Press [Open Access].

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