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Message posted on 13/09/2022

[ 23] Call for papers (for Special Topics and Open Topic)

Dear colleagues,

several German STS communities are planning to meet in March 2023 at Aachen (

In addition to the general call for abstracts (open topic), we have now published a range of cfps/call for abstracts, for special topics, including e.g.

  • Contested Conduct shaping Sciences and Societies;
  • Die Fabrikation und Zirkulation von ‚Bildung‘;
  • Universität als Kontext der Produktion, Zirkulation und Transformation;
  • Testing as a research subject of STS;
  • What makes data circulation possible?;
  • Circulations of Knowledges in (Digital) Medical Applications;
  • Integrating Ethics;
  • Metadata work with a thousand faces;
  • Circulations Ergonomics;
  • Regulating socio-material flows;
  • Circulations between STS and the arts.

So, if you like to network with STS colleagues from all over Germany and their various communities, consider submitting and join us at Aachen! (a folder with all the special topic calls, and the open topic call)

With best wishes Ingmar

-- Associate Professor Dr. Ingmar Lippert Technologies in Practice Research Group, IT University of Copenhagen

Chair of Technoscience Studies Brandenburg University of Technology

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I have sent this email at a time that suits my work flow. I do not expect answers outside of normal office hours.

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