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Message posted on 12/01/2022

5 KLI Writing-up Fellowships on “Cognition and Knowledge: Between Evolution and Sustainability”

The Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolut= ion and Cognition Research (KLI) i= n Klosterneuburg (Austria) announces 5 Writing-Up Fellowships for = late-stage PhD students working on topics related to =E2=80=9CCognition and Knowledge: Between Evolution = and Sustainability=E2= =80=9D. With this call, the = KLI aims to support an interdisciplinary cohort of 5 late-stage PhD students whose work use novel interdisciplina= ry approaches in the study of cognitio= n and knowledge, especially in relation to evolution and to their connectio= n to sustainability.  Read more = about the call here: /content/en/the_kli/open_calls/view/10 First dead= line is Feb 28, 2022. Dr. Lynn Chiu Communications OfficerKLI Klosterneuburg= @kliaustriaMar= tinstra=C3=9Fe 123400 Klosterneuburg, AustriaPhone: +43 2243 302740=

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