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Message posted on 15/11/2021

Join us for Fixing for Future 18-19 November

Dear friends of repair,

Join us for Fixing for Future: Nordic perspectives on product repair on = 18-19 November - =20

Check out our programme at = With presenters from Denmark, Finland, = Sweden, and Norway, the symposium covers the regulation of repair, the = practices of repair, business models for repair, and design for repair.

Our two keynote speakers, Sarah Cornell of the Stockholm Resilience = Center and =C3=8Ddil Gaziulusoy of Aalto University will provide the = broader context for the presentations.

The event will be streamed via this link = . = There are opportunities to ask questions.

Greetings from Oslo,


Maja van der Velden Sustainability Lab Regenerative Technologies group Dept. of Informatics University of Oslo=

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