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Message posted on 09/11/2021

Call for Applications: Spring School "The History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Large Physics Experiments", Wuppertal (13-20 March 2022)

Call for Applications: Spring School "The History, Philosophy, and Sociolog= y of Large Physics Experiments", Wuppertal (13-20 March 2022)

The Research Unit "The Epistemology of the LHC" invites applications for th= e Spring School "The History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Large Physics Ex= periments" taking place 13-20 March 2022 in Wuppertal (Germany).

Large experiments such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the Laser Interf= erometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), and the Event Horizon Teles= cope (EHT) play an essential role at the frontiers of contemporary fundamen= tal physics. These experiments employ big research facilities, they probe n= ature at vast energy and length scales, they produce immense amounts of dat= a, and they involve great numbers of researchers. During this Spring School= we will explore large physics experiments from historical, philosophical, = and sociological perspectives. We will discuss questions such as those aris= ing from the history and philosophy of fundamental physics, the methodologi= cal challenges of big data, and the history and sociology of large research= collaborations.

Confirmed speakers (more to be added):

Arianna Borrelli, TU Berlin (Philosophy/History)

Laura Covi, Universit=E4t G=F6ttingen (Physics)

Katharina C. Cramer, Universit=E4t Bonn (Political Science/History)

Richard Dawid, Stockholm University (Philosophy)

Gregor Kasieczka, Universit=E4t Hamburg (Physics)

Dennis Lehmkuhl, Universit=E4t Bonn (Philosophy/History)

Martina Merz, AAU Klagenfurt (Science Studies)

David Wallace, University of Pittsburgh (Philosophy)

Christian Zeitnitz, BU Wuppertal (Physics)

We invite up to 30 graduate students and early career researchers from hist= ory, philosophy, sociology, and physics to participate. The application pro= cess will be competitive and participants will be selected according to qua= lification and research interests. The cost of participation will be =80 45= 0 and will include full board and lodging.

To apply, please send the following material in a single pdf file by Decemb= er 19th 2021 to

  • a letter of motivation, and
  • a cv.

A selection of participants will be given the opportunity to give short pre= sentations of their own work as part of the school. The presentations will = be followed by a commentary from a member of the Research Unit or one of th= e invited speakers. In case you intend to give a presentation, please inclu= de in your application:

  • the title of your talk, and
  • a short abstract (between 300 and 500 words).

We offer a small number of stipends to participants with limited funding op= portunities. To apply for a stipend, please also prepare and submit a lette= r, no longer than one page, explaining your financial situation. The resear= ch unit is strongly committed to creating equal opportunities. In case of e= qual qualification, preference will be given to underrepresented groups.

We are organizing on-site child care. Please indicate in your application i= f you intend to bring your child or children.

The ongoing pandemic will be monitored carefully. It will be decided by ear= ly January 2022 whether the spring school will take place or not. The sprin= g school will not be moved online.

For further information and practical details, please refer to https://www.=

or contact the organizers Radin Dardashti and Enno Fischer using the email = address .

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