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Message posted on 23/09/2021

Invited Talk Nicole C. Nelson: What do scientists learn from working with animal models?

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Dear colleagues,

we would like to extend you a cordial invitation to the invited talk by Associate Professor in the Department of Medical History and Bioethics at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nicole C. Nelson


What do scientists learn from working with animal models? On "epistemic byproducts" and laboratory work

Monday, September 27, 2021, 6:00 - 8:00pm

at Theodor Fischer Hrsaal, TU Munich, Arcisstr. 21 (ground floor), Munich and via Zoom

Short description of the talk

To create controlled conditions to conduct animal experiments, researchers need to know about important features of the animals themselves and the spaces they will be working in, such as when the technicians run the cage wash machine how this noise might impact the behavior of the mice in the next room over. And in the process of conducting experiments, researchers learn even more about the organisms they work with, such as how much behaviors vary in response to the ever-changing conditions of the laboratory. This talk introduces the concept of "epistemic by-products" to describe the knowledge that scientists gain through the process of doing laboratory work but consider incidental to their main line of scientific research. I argue that these byproducts play an important role in formulating scientists' understandings of the natural phenomena they study, even though they are typically left out of publications. I will conclude with reflections on the importance of paying attention to epistemic by-products in both STS scholarship and science communication.

Registration details

The talk will take place as a hybrid event, held simultaneously in person and online via Zoom. If you would like to attend in-person, prior registration is mandatory. Please register by September 27, 4:00pm using this link: rking-with-animal-models-tickets-176977423237

Please note that for the in-person event, a maximum of 30 persons can attend at the venue. In addition, 3G rules will apply. This means that we will check at the entrance for valid proof on whether attendees have been vaccinated, tested, or recovered.

If you would like to attend online, please use the following Zoom link: (Meeting-ID: 669 5299 8584, Kenncode: 447715)

Organized by the Professorship for Science and Technology Policy | Munich Center for Technology in Society, TUM School of Management & TUM School of Life Sciences WZW | Technical University of Munich.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you there or on Zoom!

Please share this invitation with interested colleagues.


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