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Message posted on 23/09/2021

Call for papers - DRS2022 Bilbao - theme track: Ethics as Creativity in Design

Ethics as Creativity in Design (track #28)

ABSTRACT Designing requires enormous social and moral responsibility as we are surrounded by products and services that shape – and simultaneously get shaped by – the way we live. Not only do these products and services serve utilitarian functions, but they also influence our norms and values in multiple and often unforeseen ways. The challenge of responsible design asks for active reflection on ethical issues. However, with the classical top-down approach, ethics may be perceived as restrictive, setting boundaries for what is allowed and what not. Within philosophy of technology, ethical reflection is moving towards a more constructive approach, accompanying technological development with careful considerations. We want to take a step further and are proposing a move towards something that could be called ‘creative ethics’, where a bottom-up approach in dealing with ethical issues fosters inspiration and imagination for desirable futures. In other words; we want to propose ethics as a basis for design, rather than an assessment criterion.

In this track theme we therefore welcome papers that investigate or show how incorporating ethical reflection in the design process can foster creative solutions for future use of technology.

TRACK-CHAIRS Dr. Ir. Wouter Eggink, University of Twente (the Netherlands) – contact person Prof. Dr. Steven Dorrestijn, Saxion University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands)

REVIEWERS Jelle van Dijk – University of Twente [] Joseph Lindley – Lancaster University [] Geke Ludden – University of Twente [] Liesbeth Stam – KU Leuven []

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