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Message posted on 14/09/2021

Vacancy Assistant professor STePS University of Twente



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Betreff: [WTMC-news] Vacancy Assistant professor STePS University of Twente

Dear colleagues, we have a vacancy for an assistant professor on the topic of ’Science and technology for Transformative Change’

Please spread among your networks.

Thanks Esther Turnhout

Short description:

Deep transformative change is needed to ensure wellbeing and sustainability. But how can science and technology contribute to these processes of transformation? Are you interested in this question? We are looking for an enthusiastic and ambitious academic to strengthen our team! As an assistant professor, you will do research and teaching on the contribution of science and technology, including the role of universities, to sustainability transformations. The position has a strong interdisciplinary profile and you will work with colleagues from diverse social science, natural science, engineering, and humanities perspectives. You will design and undertake innovative research, develop and execute teaching activities, facilitate collaboration and reflection, and co-produce strategies and options for action.

Full details on the position and how to apply can be found here (deadline for applications is 29 September):!/167/assistant-professor-in-s cience-technology-for-transformation-research

Prof. dr. Esther Turnhout

  • Chair of Science, Technology and Society, Section of Science, Technology and Policy Studies (STePS), University of Twente, the Netherlands,
  • Editor in Chief Environmental Science & Policy
  • Guest professor Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group, Wageningen University

Twitter: @EstherTurnhout Google scholar: ks&sortby=pubdate Researchgate:

Dr Peter Stegmaier | Assistant Professor Science, Technology and Policy Studies (STePS) section Department of Technology, Policy and Society (TPS)

Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS) University of Twente, The Netherlands |

@pstegm | Discontinuation-governance: @discontgovern

Latest publications: The tentative governance of emerging science and technology—A conceptual introduction (with S. Kuhlmann & K. Konrad), in Research Policy, 48/5, 2019, at: Stegmaier, P., Visser, V. R., & Kuhlmann, S. (2021). The incandescent light bulb phase-out. Exploring patterns of framing the governance of discontinuing a socio-technical regime. Energy, Sustainability and Society, 11, 1-22. doi: Stegmaier, P. (2020). Constructive Technology Assessment (CTA): Innovationsmitgestaltung als Prozess gesellschaftlicher Aufklärung und Erwartungsmoderation. In B. Blättel-Mink, I. Schulz-Schaeffer, & A. Windeler (Eds.), Handbuch Innovationsforschung (pp. 1-18). Wiesbaden: Springer VS. Stegmaier, P., Hamaker-Taylor, R., & Jiménez Alonso, E. (2020). Reflexive climate service infrastructure relations. Climate Services, 17, 100151. doi: Bussola, F., Falco, E., Aukes, E., Stegmaier, P., Sorge, S., Ciolli, M., Gagliano, C.. Geneletti, D. (2021). Piloting a more inclusive governance innovation strategy for forest ecosystem services management in Primiero, Italy (submitted). Ecosystem Services. Towards a context-driven research: a state-of-the-art review of resilience research on climate change (with Ossewaarde, R., Filatova, T., Georgiadou, Y., Hartmann, A., Özerol, G., Pfeffer, K., Torenvlied, R., van der Voort, M., Warmink, J., and Borsje, B.), Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 1119–1133, 2021, Matching supply and demand: A typology of climate services (with K. Visscher, A. Damm, R. Hamaker-Taylor, A. Harjanne, R. Giordano), in Climate Services, 2019, at: Die hermeneutische Interpretation multisprachlicher Daten in transnationalen Forschungskontexten. In R. Bethmann & M. Roslon (Eds.), Interkulturelle Qualitative Sozialforschung (pp. 227-249). Wiesbaden: Springer VS (2019). At: Interpreting the industry 4.0 future: technology, business, society and people (Schiele, H., Bos-Nehles, A., Delke, V., Stegmaier, P., & Torn, R.-J.). Journal of Business Strategy, ahead-of-print, 2021. doi: Stegmaier, P., & Pfadenhauer, M. (2021). Die Dummheit künstlicher Intelligenz. Zu Wissen und Gewissheit artifizieller Kognitionssysteme. In O. Dimbath & M. Pfadenhauer (Eds.), Gewissheit. Beiträge und Debatten zum 3. Sektionskongress der Wissenssoziologie (pp. 512-514). Weinheim: Beltz Juventa.

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