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New Book "Transformative Pathways to Sustainability: Learning Across Disciplines, Cultures and Contexts"

Transformative Pathways to Sustainability: Learning Across Disciplines, Cultures and Contexts by Pathways Network; Routledge, London, 2021, DOI: 10.4324/9780429331930, ISBN: 9780429331930.

Abstract: Transformations to sustainability are increasingly the focus of research and policy discussions around the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the different roles played transdisciplinary research in contributing to social transformations across diverse settings have been neglected in the literature. Transformative Pathways to Sustainability responds to this gap presenting a set of coherent, theoretically informed and methodologically innovative experiments from around the world that offer important insights for this growing field. The book draws on content and cases from across the ‘Pathways’ Transformative Knowledge Network, an international group of six regional hubs working on sustainability challenges in their own local or national contexts. Each of these hubs reports on their experiences of ‘transformation laboratory’ processes in the following areas: sustainable agricultural and food systems for healthy livelihoods, with a focus on sustainable agri-food systems in the UK and open-source seeds in Argentina; low carbon energy and industrial transformations, focusing on mobile-enabled solar home systems in Kenya and social aspects of the green transformation in China; and water and waste for sustainable cities, looking at Xochimilco wetland in Mexico and Gurgaon in India. The book combines new empirical data from these processes with a novel analysis that represents both theoretical and methodological contributions. It is especially international in its scope, drawing inputs from North and South, mirroring the universality of the Sustainable Development Goals. The book is of vital interest to academics, action researchers and funders, policy makers and civil-society organisations working on transformations to sustainability. The Open Access version of this book has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license. The publication is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Pravin Kushwaha, JNU-TRCSS.

Table of Contents Section 1 | Introduction

Introduction | Adrian Ely The ‘Pathways’ transformative knowledge network | Adrian Ely, Anabel Marin

Section 2 | Emerging themes across the transformative knowledge network

Transformations: Theory, research and action | Adrian Ely Transdisciplinary methods and T-Labs as transformative spaces for innovation in social-ecological systems | Laura Pereira, Per Olsson, Lakshmi Charli-Joseph, Olive Zgambo, Nathan Oxley, Patrick Van Zwanenberg, J Mario Siqueiros-García, Adrian Ely

Section 3 | Insights from different international contexts

Towards a more sustainable food system in Brighton and Hove, UK | Adrian Ely, Elise Wach, Rachael Taylor, Ruth Segal, Rachael Durrant Bioleft: A collaborative, open-source seed breeding initiative for sustainable agriculture | Anabel Marin, Patrick Van Zwanenberg, Almendra Cremaschi Kenya: Making mobile solar energy inclusive | Victoria Chengo, Kennedy Mbeva, Joanes Atela, Rob rne, David Ockwell, Aschalew Tigabu China: The economic shock of a green transition in Hebei | Lichao Yang, Chulin Jiang Wetlands under pressure: The experience of the Xochimilco T-Lab, Mexico | Hallie Eakin, Lakshmi Charli-Joseph, Rebecca Shelton, Beatriz Ruizpalacios, David Manuel-Navarrete, J. Mario Siqueiros-García Enabling Transformations to Sustainability: Rethinking Urban Water Management in Gurgaon, India | Dinesh Abrol, Pravin Kushwaha

Section 4 | Conclusion

Reframing sustainability challenges | Fiona Marshall, Patrick Van Zwanenberg, Hallie Eakin, Lakshmi Charli-Joseph, Adrian Ely, Anabel Marin, J. Mario Siqueiros-García Emerging insights and lessons for the future | Adrian Ely, Anabel Marin, Fiona Marshall, Marina Apgar, Hallie Eakin, Laura Pereira, Lakshmi Charli-Joseph, J Mario Siqueiros-García, Lichao Yang, Victoria Chengo, Dinesh Abrol, Pravin Kushwaha, Edward Hackett, David Manuel-Navarrete, Ritu Priya Mehrotra, Joanes Atela, Kennedy Mbeva, Joel Onyango, Per Olsson

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