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Message posted on 12/07/2021

Online seminar series - Biological Engineering Collaboratory 2021

Dear all,

the Biological Engineering Collaboratory is pleased to share details of an online seminar series, to run between September 2021 and January 2022, featuring some of its members. Each of the speakers has recorded a short video by way of introducing the topic of their seminar, and inviting your participation. Details concerning the dates and times, the videos, abstracts, and how to register can be found:

The list of speakers and the titles of their talks can be found below.

Yours, Dominic Berry, Janella Baxter, and Rob Smith

Saliha Bayir - Bioremediation as Ecosystem Engineering: experimentation and narratives​

Elihu Gerson - ​Biological research and engineering collaboration: Some organizational considerations

Dan Santos - Democratizing Biotechnological Knowledge and Innovation in Community Science Labs

Hanna Worliczek - Does epistemic object choice shape valuation of knowledge in cell biology?

Nancy Nersessian - ​Reengineering Biology: In Vitro Simulation Modeling in Biomedical Engineering Sciences

Nathan Crowe - Biotech Memories: How the History of Biotechnology is Remembered and What it Says about those who Make it

Dominic Berry – Research Fellow 'Everyday Cyborgs 2.0' [cid:image001.png@01D7772E.3E201590]

Find me on: Personal website LinkedIn Biological Engineering Collaboratory

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