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Message posted on 29/06/2021


Dear colleagues

We are hiring!

We have just opened a call for a 2 years full-time posdoc position in our project `Calculating migration: a multisited ethnography of algorithmic governance and redistribution keys´ (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, grant P20-016). We are looking for an enthusiast STSer with experience on multi-sited ethnography and familiarity with the growing encounters between STS and migration-border studies. We are also interested in developing potential critical dialogues with Feminist Technoscience Studies.

More information about the position, formally based at Linköping University (Sweden) is available in the following link

I would really appreciate if you could circulate this information among your networks and colleagues. Anyone interested in the position is welcome to contact me via email at or

Warm regards,

Fredy Mora Gámez

Department of Science and Technology Studies

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