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Message posted on 23/06/2021

**Lecture Series "After Sustainability" *** Prof. Nigel Clark on "Earthly Multitutes", 30.06.21, 6:00 PM**

Dear colleagues,

only seven days to go until the kick-off lecture of the new CSS Lecture Series "After Sustainability"! We welcome Prof. Nigel Clark (Lancaster Environment Centre / Lancaster University) for a lecture on "Earthly Multitudes and the Challenge of a Self-Differentiating Planet" Date: 30th June 2021, 06:00 PM per Zoom Webinar Registration via

Abstract of the lecture: We might view sustainability as an especially cramped and fearful response to the challenges of a dynamic, self-differentiating Earth.In this talk, using the concept of 'earthly multitudes' (Clark and Szerszynski2021) Prof. Clark will be looking at some of the many ways that humans respond to both the threats and the opportunities that arise out of our planet's capacity to transform itself. After focusing on the excessive, unpredictable aspects of tapping into planetary forces, the talk will circle back on the issue of how strategies of growth and accumulation -including sustainability -avoid facing up to the excess inherent in the Earth itself.

You can download the poster for the lecture including the rationale for the CSS Lecture Series "After Sustainability. What if we stopped pretending?" here. Up-to-date information on upcoming talks can be found here.

Please share widely !

We are looking forward to seeing you on June 30th! Best wishes Stefan Aykut

Prof. Dr. Stefan C. Aykut Juniorprofessor fr Soziologie Director, Center for Sustainable Society Research (CSS) Universitt Hamburg | Fakultt WISO | FB Sozialkonomie --- Currently in Homeoffice: Tel: +49 15110770775 ---

Recent publications: Global by Nature? Three Dynamics in the Making of Global Climate Change, Globalizing Issues | Incantatory governance. Global climate politics' performative turn, International Politics | Climatiser le monde, Quae | The accountant, the admonisher and the animator, CSS Working Paper

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