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Message posted on 09/04/2021

New Book "Chinese Universities in the National Innovation System: Academic Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem"

Chinese Universities in the National Innovation System: Academic Entrepreneurship and Ecosystemby Yi Gaofeng, Venni V. Krishna , Xinpei Zhang, Yuheng Jiang; by Routledge India, 2021, ISBN 9780367858803.

About the Book: This book closely examines how universities and higher educational institutions have come to occupy a very significant position in the Chinese National Innovation System (NIS) in the last two decades. It looks at the growth, structure and current status of higher education in China and discusses how these world-class institutions are intimately intertwined with the rise of China in the global knowledge economy. It studies themes such as the impact of Chinese universities on industry, business enterprises and national development, relevance of higher education to policies related to climate change, reform measures to improve research intensity and quality of teaching, and internationalization and globalization of higher education. Based on sound empirical research, it also explores concepts like academic entrepreneurship, start-ups, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. A key text on the Chinese education sector, the book will be of interest to scholars and researchers of higher education, Chinese studies, science, technology and innovation studies, business economics and management, academic entrepreneurship, and public policy.

Table of Contents

  1. Universities in the National Innovation Systems: China and Asia-Pacific Experiences
  2. Organization, Structure and Growth of Higher Education in China
  3. State Mediation, Role of Policies and Strategies in Higher Education, 1978-2020
  4. Universities in China’s National Innovation System: Impact on Quadruple Helices
  5. Internationalization, Talent Mobility and Developing World Class Universities
  6. Academic Entrepreneurship in China
  7. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: S&T Parks, Policies, TTOs, Start-Ups and Other Actors
  8. 4.0 Industrial Revolution, Disruptive Innovation and its Impact on University Education

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