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Message posted on 08/04/2021

Bonn History and Philosophy of Physics Seminar (Online) - Summer 2021

Lichtenberg Research Seminar Series in History and Philosophy of Physics Online (via Zoom) Schedule & mailing list:

The University of Bonn's research seminar series in history and philosophy of physics will be online again, for the whole summer semester, and everyone is invited to join. Besides regular research talks, we are adding two new formats: debates and panels. On the 11th of May, Erik Curiel and Christian Wüthrich will debate the merits of semi-classical gravity. On the 6th of July we'll have a panel session on the epistemology of very large experiments, comparing and contrasting the event horizon telescope, LIGO-Virgo and the large hadron collider, with Lydia Patton, Jamee Elder, Christian Zeitnitz, Juliusz Doboszewski and Florian Boge. As usual, the sessions take place on Tuesdays from 16:15 till 17:45 CEST. Our first speaker, this Tuesday the 13th of April, will be Martin Lesourd (Black Hole Initiative, Harvard & Clark University): "What can observers know about their spacetime?".

-- Niels Martens PostDoc, Philosophy of Physics

Research Unit "Epistemology of the LHC"

Lichtenberg Group for History and Philosophy of Physics, Bonn

Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics & Cosmology, Aachen

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Online Workshop on Philosophy of Lambda, 16 June 2021

New open access papers: "Sophistry about symmetries?" , "Dark Matter = Modified Gravity?" , "Cartography of the space of theories"

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