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Conference announcement: New Materialist Informatics, 22-25 March, online

New Materialist Informatics:

Computing and Worldmaking

22-25 March 2021, online

11th international new materialismsconference invites participants to investigate the possible intersectionsbetween and beyond new materialism and informatics. As a transversal field ofinquiry, new materialism opens hybrid spaces between the social sciences &the humanities and the natural & technical sciences & engineering.Increasing computing power and technological advancements highlight the need toaccount for the material basis as well as material consequences of informaticsand to ask how techno-politics and techno-epistemologies can be reconfiguredfor these complex times. This conference provides space to investigate thesequestions and bring together interdisciplinary research spanning informationsciences and the (post)humanities to highlight the inter- andintra-connectedness of computing and worldmaking. 

As the first conference dedicatedto the specific intersection of new materialist research and informatics, thisconference centres around questions such as: How can new materialism andinformatics be brought together in ways that help build liveable andsustainable techno-lifeworlds? What new perspectives on contemporary crisesmight emerge at such an intersection and beyond? What kind of conceptual andmethodological tools are needed for new materialist informatics design andresearch? The conference includes and goes beyond the new materialistreadings of computing and computational artefacts and generates innovativeperspectives on how techno-worldmaking can be performed from a new materialistperspective.


Participants will have achance to attend hands-on workshops on March 22, 2021, paperpresentations and keynotes on23-25 March 2021 and demonstrations throughout the event.


“VibrantSubjects: Posthuman Perspectives on Nourishing Design”

Shaowen Bardzell, Professorof Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University's College ofInformation Sciences and Technology, USA

“NewPlayers on the World-Stage: A New Materialist Approach to Robotics and HRI”

Maaike Bleeker, Professor in Theatre Studies in the Department ofMedia & Culture Studies, Utrecht University, Netherlands

“Authenticating Figures: Algorithms and the NewPolitics of Recognition”

Wendy H.K. Chun, Canada150 Research Chair in New Media at the School of Communication, Simon FraserUniversity, Canada

“Notes on the Three Stages of the Algorithmic Condition;The Ethe of Mimesis, Feminicity, and Bioinformatics”

Felicity Colman, Professor of Media Arts and Associate Dean ofResearch for the London College of Fashion at University of the Arts, UK

“Knowing-MakingAccessibility: Crip and Unfinished Technosciences in Physical and VirtualWorlds”

Aimi Hamraie, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Health, andSociety and American Studies at the Center for Medicine, Health, and Society,Vanderbilt University, USA

Onmaterial conditions and effects of the entanglements between race andtechnology (Exact title TBC)

Safiya Umoja Noble, Associate Professor, Departmentof Information Studies and Co-Director of the UCLA Center for Critical InternetInquiry (C2i2), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA

Roundtablediscussion “SpeculativeMaterialities, Indigenous Worldings and Decolonial Futures in Computing &Design”

               With contributions by Outi Laiti, University of Lapland,Finland; Luiza Prado de O. Martins, artist, writer and researcher, Germany; Femke Snelting,Constant, Belgium; and CarolineJ. Ward, JUST AI (LSE & AdaLovelace Institute), UK


ConferenceRegistration Conference registrationis now open! Conference registrations include access to all NMI2021events.  The conference has moderateall-inclusive participant fees. The income from fees will be used towardshonoraria for keynotes and respondents and, depending on availability, tosupport artists, designers and presenters in need of support. Visit our for more information. Conference Themes 

The conveners of New Materialist Informatics inviteto approach these questions from a multiplicity of disciplinary perspectives,including the humanities and social sciences, design, engineering and computerscience. Around 80 contributions, including workshops and demonstrations, areto be presented on themes that include new materialist informatics theories,concepts and methodologies, design interventions and praxes, contemporary issuesregarding material effects and conditions of informatics and futureperspectives for research and design.

Organisers and Contact

The conference is organised by the Gender/ Diversity inInformatics Systems Research Group (GeDIS) and the Research Center forInformation System Design (ITeG), University of Kassel, Germany. If you haveany questions, please email us at


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