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Message posted on 03/03/2021

Online Lecture: Truth or Post-truth? Let’s Go Credibility

Dear all,

the following event might be of interest to some of you as it concerns the question of how to do critical research based on (de)constuctivist/post-positivist epistemologies in times of post-truth and fake news. After all, post-structuralist/constructivist approaches and epistemologies have been frequently accused of being "part of the problem" by conceiving of facts and truths as constructed. So how can they help to debunk fake news and secure the credibility of scientific research in the age of post-truth?

There will be a lecture by Jef Huysmans (Queen Mary, London) entitled "Truth or Post-truth? Let’s Go Credibility", followed by a comment by Nortje Marres (Warwick) and a general discussion.

The abstract for the lecture is copied below and you can register here for the event, which will take place on 25th March 5.30 to 6.00pm (CET):

Truth or Post-truth? Let’s Go Credibility

The quest for scientific standards now operates against the background of debates on 'fake news' and ‘post-truth’, which raise pressing and perplexing questions for critical lines of thought. Starting from debates in International Relations and Critical Security Studies, this lecture proposes an approach that, instead of looking for rigorous scientific standards for validating truth claims, conceptualizes validity as practices of assembling credibility. Such an approach allows for understanding validity as a socio-political rather than strictly scientific accomplishment. The assembling of credibility combines the transversal formation and circulation of credits and credentials with disputes over credence and credulity. Developing such an understanding of validity makes it possible to displace epistemic disputes about ‘(post-)truth’ with critical analyses of transversal practices of knowledge creation, circulation, and accreditation.

-- Juniorprofessor for Transnational Cooperation and Migration Research Universität Duisburg-Essen Fakultät für Gesellschaftswissenschaften Institut für Soziologie Lotharstraße 65 47057 Duisburg

latest publications:

Scheel, Stephan (2021): "The Politics of (Non)Knowledge in the (Un)Making of Migration." Journal for Migration Research Open Access:

Scheel, Stephan (2020): "Reconfiguring Desecuritization: Contesting Expert Knowledge in the Securitization of Migration." Geopolitics, published online first:

Glouftsios, Georgios & Scheel, Stephan (2020): "An Inquiry into the Digitisation of Border and Migration Management: Performativity, Contestation and Heterogeneous Engineering." Third World Quaterly, published Online First:

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