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Message posted on 26/02/2021

Call for papers: 'Innovation journey in focus, the context in mind' (Eu-SPRI conference) - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 10 MARCH

Dear colleagues,

Just to note that the deadline has been extended until the 10th of March.

We would like to draw your attention to our call for papers for a track at this year’s Eu-SPRI conference picking up the concept of “innovation journeys” and intending to reinvigorate it.

With our track, we want to offer a reflection on which considerations regarding Innovation Journeys are currently taking place in our research fields and to what extent. Since its origins, alternatives have also developed. We want to see and discuss how innovation journeys are viewed today, if we want to look at the development of an innovation in detail. Can we develop the Innovation Journey perspective further? How, and for which topics? By what means?

The track idea originated in a recently finalized H2020 project called InnoForESt that dealt with governance innovations relating to forest ecosystem services. In this project we have applied Constructive Technology Assessment/Constructive Innovation Assessment and subsequently executed a transversal innovation journey analysis on the six cases in the project (

We invite you to share your own research ideas, outcomes and outputs pertaining to the concept of the “innovation journey” in a full (working) paper and discuss with us and others at the upcoming conference. Please find the full call at:

The deadline for submissions is March 10, 2021.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or the organizers. We look forward to your contributions!

Kind regards, Ewert Aukes, Michael Klingler, Lasse Loft, Peter Stegmaier

Dr Peter Stegmaier | Assistant Professor Department of Science, Technology and Policy Studies (STePS) Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS) University of Twente, P.O.Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands | @pstegm | Discontinuation-governance: @discont80476763

Latest publications:

  • The tentative governance of emerging science and technology—A conceptual introduction (with S. Kuhlmann & K. Konrad), in Research Policy, 48/5, 2019, at:
  • Special section on Focusing on a moving target—the tentative governance of emerging science and technology; Guest Edited by Stefan Kuhlmann, Peter Stegmaier & Kornelia Konrad, in Research Policy, 48/5, 2019, at:
  • Reflexive climate service infrastructure relations (with R. Hamaker-Taylor and E. Jiménes Alonso), in Climate Services, 17, 2020, at:
  • Matching supply and demand: A typology of climate services (with K. Visscher, A. Damm, R. Hamaker-Taylor, A. Harjanne, R. Giodano), in Climate Services, 2019, at:
  • How much unnoticed merit is there in climate services? (with T.T. Le, J. Cortekar & E. Hoa), in Climate Services, 17, 2020, at:
  • The market for climate services in the tourism sector – An analysis of Austrian stakeholders’ perceptions (with A. Damm, J. Köberl, E. Jiménes Alonso, A. Harjanne), in Climate Services, 17, 2020, at:
  • Die hermeneutische Interpretation multisprachlicher Daten in transnationalen Forschungskontexten. In R. Bethmann & M. Roslon (Eds.), Interkulturelle Qualitative Sozialforschung (pp. 227-249). Wiesbaden: Springer VS (2019). At:
  • Interpreting the industry 4.0 future: technology, business, society and people (Schiele, H., Bos-Nehles, A., Delke, V., Stegmaier, P., & Torn, R.-J.). Journal of Business Strategy, ahead-of-print, 2021. doi:
  • Stegmaier, P., & Reichertz, J. (2021). Die kommunikative Konstruktion von (un-) Gewissheit. Oder: Übder den Um- und Rückbau der institutionellen Ordnung des Polizierens im Kontext breiterer Governance-Trends. In O. Dimbath & M. Pfadenhauer (Eds.), Gewissheit. Beiträge und Debatten zum 3. Sektionskongress der Wissenssoziologie (pp. 604-606). Weinheim: Beltz Juventa.
  • Stegmaier, P., & Pfadenhauer, M. (2021). Die Dummheit künstlicher Intelligenz. Zu Wissen und Gewissheit artigizieller Kognitionssysteme. In O. Dimbath & M. Pfadenhauer (Eds.), Gewissheit. Beiträge und Debatten zum 3. Sektionskongress der Wissenssoziologie (pp. 512-514). Weinheim: Beltz Juventa.

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