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Dear friends and colleagues,

This is a friendly reminder that the registration to the next Swiss STS Conference ("Multiple Matters”), on Feb. 15-17, will close tomorrow. Don’t forget to register here ->

We look forward to welcoming you online!

Best Laetitia Della Bianca on behalf of the organizing team

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De: Laetitia Della Bianca Objet: STS-CH Conference | 'Multiple Matters' | FEB. 15-17 2021 Date: 1 février 2021 à 20:39:32 UTC+1 À:

Dear colleagues,

The STS-CH Association invites you to join the upcoming online conference, "Multiple Matters”, on Feb. 15-17.

The 3 day conference includes keynotes, workshops, roundtables and panel discussions on topics such as Medicine and Environmental Health, Urban Futures, Music, Aging, Infrastructures, Digital Data and many more! Keynotes: Natasha Myers, Nicholas Shapiro See this site for more information on the schedule and how to register.

All registered participants will receive the zoom links via email before the conference.

Hoping to see many of you at this exciting event!

The organizing team & local committee

Alain Kaufmann (UNIL) Anna Jobin (SYA) Cynthia Kraus (UNIL) Dominique Vinck (UNIL) Francesco Panese (UNIL) Giada Danesi (UNISG) Gianluigi Viscusi (Imperial College London) Julio Paulos (HU Berlin/UNIL) Laetitia Della Bianca (UNIL) Loïc Riom (Mines-ParisTech) Marc Audétat (UNIL) Nicolas Baya-Laffite (UNIL) Nolwenn Bühler (UNINE/UNIL) Olivier Glassey (UNIL) Tanja Schneider (UNISG)

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