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Message posted on 16/02/2021

Philosophy of Dark Matter Workshop (Online)


29-30 March 2021

Online – via Zoom

Registration deadline: 22 March

Further info & registration:


Simon Allzén (Stockholm)

“Dark matter, evidence, and theory confirmation”

Antonis Antoniou (Bristol)

“Reliability, informativeness and sensitivity in dark matter observation”

Siska de Baerdemaeker (Stockholm)

“Exploratory observations with stellar streams”

Niels Martens (Bonn/Aachen)

“Dark matter realism”

Helen Meskhidze (Irvine)

“(What) Do we learn from code comparisons? A case study of implementations of self-interacting dark matter”

Robert Rynasiewicz (Johns Hopkins)

“Dark matter and referential handles”

William L. Vanderburgh (San Bernardino)

“Multi-messenger metaphysics: Evidence and inference in astrophysics and cosmology”


Siska de Baerdemaeker (Stockholm)

Melissa Jacquart (Cincinnati)

Christopher Smeenk (London, ON)

Adán Sus (Valladolid)

For further questions, please contact the organizer, Niels Martens, at

-- Niels Martens PostDoc, Philosophy of Physics

Research Unit "Epistemology of the LHC"

Lichtenberg Group for History and Philosophy of Physics, Bonn

Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics & Cosmology, Aachen

Website | Papers

New open access papers: "Sophistry about symmetries?" , "Dark Matter = Modified Gravity?" , "Cartography of the space of theories"

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