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Message posted on 13/01/2021

CFP: Queer Intimacies: Configurations of Gender and Sexuality in the Digital Anthropocene

Dear colleagues, please consider applying for participation in our workshop on "Queer Intimacies: Configurations of Gender and Sexuality in the Digital Anthropocene" during the German Anthropological Association's bi-annual meeting in Bremen this September.

Call for Papers Queer Intimacies: Configurations of Gender and Sexuality in the Digital Anthropocene part of GAA 2021 "Worlds. Zones. Atmospheres. Seismographies of the Anthropocene", 27 to 30 September 2021 at the University of Bremen Convenors Claudia Liebelt (University of Bayreuth), Max Schnepf (Freie Universitt Berlin) Keynote Prof. Susanna Paasonen (tbc), University of Turku Abstract Intimacy has become a key notion in the study of gender and sexuality, including in social and cultural anthropology. Recent studies on transactional sex and promiscuous intimacies succeeded in queering the notion's heteronormative epistemologies. Far from being a private matter, intimacy constitutes a sphere of neoliberal and imperial governance. Changing technical infrastructures such as social media, online gaming, dating apps and sexbots produce new forms of mediated intimacies, facilitating the emergence of novel sexual and porn cultures. The digital Anthropocene highlights how our ways of being in the world and relating to intimate others are increasingly mediated by digital technologies, fostering new human-machine entanglements, cyborg embodiments and posthuman subjectivities. From such a perspective, the sharing of intimate selfies on social media may be understood as a form of worlding, of curating new zones at the interface of digital and analogue worlds. Digital media and practices such as vlogging offer new possibilities for activism, community formation and visibility, creating novel zones of habitation and sociality, but also new vulnerabilities, bullying and exposure in heteronormative and misogynist sexual cultures. Based on the ambivalences of the digital Anthropocene, we wish to talk about queer intimacies and configurations of gender and sexuality between digital and analogue worlds. We are interested in ethnographic and conceptual papers on

  • formations of online socialities and post-human subjectivities
  • the commercialization of queer bodies and selves in digital cultures
  • debates on sexual "needs", the importance of physical touch and its replacement with digital devices in the pandemic
  • interfaces of digital and non-digital worlds, e.g. the facilitation of offline encounters through dating apps
  • the emergence of new audio-visual cultures and their impacts on bodily materiality
  • queer imaginaries of cyborg becomings and intimate relations with AI
  • intimate digital ethnography.

To apply, please send your abstracts of max. 1.200 characters (incl. spaces) and a short version of max. 300 characters (incl. spaces) directly to and Deadline: 15 February 2021 Please also visit We look forward to reading your work! Claudia Liebelt and Max Schnepf

Max Schnepf

er/ihn/ihm | he/him Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter | Research Associate Freie Universitt Berlin | Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology | Research Area Medical Anthropology

Schnepf, Max. 2020. Camp at the Salon: Anthropological Sense-Making with a Wink. Etnofoor 32 (2): 83-98.

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