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Message posted on 22/12/2020

Announcement of Special Issue: "Luck as a Challenge for the Responsible Governance of Science and Technology" in the Journal of Responsible Innovation

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that our Special Issue on “Luck as a Challenge for the Responsible Governance of Science and Technology” has been published in the Journal of Responsible Innovation.

As we outline in our editorial, luck has played the role of an antagonist to responsibility: responsible innovation is, in part, an effort to control for the possible negative effects of luck. If we are to have innovations that are socially desirable and ethically acceptable, it seems, we must prevent bad luck by controlling for uncertainty wherever we can. This Special Issue of the Journal of Responsible Innovation tackles the relationship between responsibility and luck head on, with authors providing assessments and potential solutions for the problems that luck creates, for how researchers conceive of their own responsibilities, how institutions can be more responsible toward research itself, and how we can take luck up into our innovation practices in a productive way. Short summaries of the contributions can be found in the attached editorial.

We like to thank all contributors and reviewers for their effort and their support to this exciting project!

Please find a list of all contributions with hyperlinks to the publications below.

Sincerely, Martin & Samantha




Alexei Grinbaum

On the scientist’s moral luck and wholeheartedness

Martin Reinhart, Cornelia Schendzielorz

The Lottery in Babylon—On the Role of Chance in Scientific Success (Perspective Article)

Peter Gildenhuys

Lotteries make science fairer

Sabrina Sauer, Federico Bonelli

Collective Improvisation as a Means to Responsibly Govern Serendipity in Social Innovation Processes

Martin Sand, Karin Jongsma

Scientists’ Views on Moral Luck

Luca Chiapperino

Luck and the responsibilities to protect one’s epigenome

Jan Jacko

Ethics of innovation management. Moral luck and normative assumptions of its definition

Lambros Roumbanis

Two dogmas of peer-reviewism (Perspective Article)

Dr. Martin Sand TU Delft Department of Values, Technology and Innovation Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management Jaffalaan 5 2628 BX Delft The Netherlands +31 (0) 15 27 87885

  • Sand M., Copeland S. (2020). Luck as a challenge for the responsible governance of science and technology. Journal of Responsible Innovation. doi: 10.1080/23299460.2020.1848848.
  • Sand M. (2020). A defence of the control principle. Philosophia. doi: 10.1007/s11406-020-00242-1.
  • Sand M., Jongsma K. (2020) Scientists’ views on (moral) luck. Journal of Responsible Innovation. doi: 10.1080/23299460.2020.1799623.

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