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Message posted on 07/09/2020

Corona Conspiracy Theories - STS Controversies - Research Collaboration

Dear colleagues,

My name is Jaron Harambam and I am an interdisciplinary sociologist working
on conspiracy theories (see this piece in The Conversation

or my recent book
currently at the Institute for Media Studies at KU Leuven, Belgium.

I am struck by the variety of topics popular in conspiracy theory circles
since the corona pandemic began: from questions about the origins of the
virus, the way it makes people sick, the mitigation measures taken, the
suspended civil rights, the connection with 5G, the way we measure corona
infections and count covid-19 deaths, possible cures and medications, and
of course, the sinister plans of Bill Gates in this all.

Some of those may be far-fetched, but others qualify to be more intensively
researched from an STS perspective: for example the politicization of
potential cures (e.g. the way (research on) hydroxychloroquine is advanced
by some and suppressed by others), the way hospitals or public health
authorities measure corona infections (PCR testing) and count covid-19
deaths and how official policy is based on that, or the role of the
philanthropy, big pharma, and WHO in this whole crisis.

I was wondering who in our STS communities is working on one of the
conspiracy / controversies that I mention here. I would love to meet, share
insights, and perhaps work together when it clicks.

please email me at:

Best, Jaron
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