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Message posted on 21/08/2020

Postdoc at TU Berlin - deadline 04 September

Dear all,

I would like to re-advertise a postdoc position (3 years) in the project
"Forms and Effects of Failure in Science". I erroneously advertised it
as a half-time position but it actually is a full-time postodc:

The closing date is 4 September 2020.

Best wishes

Jochen Gläser

PD Dr Jochen Gläser

Prof. Dr. Jochen Gläser

Social Studies of Science and Technology

Institute of Philosophy, History of Literature, Science, and Technology

TU Berlin, HBS 7

Hardenbergstr. 16-18

10623 Berlin


I am sending this email at a time that suits my workflow. I do not
expect a response outside of normal working hours

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