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Message posted on 01/06/2020

A crowd-sourced Turkish STS encyclopedia, iris, going live!

Dear colleagues,

Spread the word! Our crowd-sourced Turkish STS encyclopedia, iris, is going
live today! It aims to contribute to postcolonial and transnational approaches
strengthening new territories and languages in Euro-American and English
dominated STS.

As a group of volunteers, from master students to early career researchers, we
started off with this encyclopedia to not only translate STS concepts into
Turkish, but also the discussions underlying the concepts, citing from the
original texts.

Yes, all the content in the website is in Turkish (at least for now), so in
that sense it might seem like there is little to announce in an international
emailing list. But we thought it is worthwhile to highlight what is already
known to strengthen the power of the narrative:

Producing for and thus thinking from within STS in a non-English language
would not only enrich that language, but most importantly, could contribute to
STS with its own dynamics.

This is an iterative process and we aim to expand the encyclopedia together
with the Turkish-speaking community who are studying, working, or simply
interested in the field - if you're intrigued, or know someone who might be -
get in touch!

Selen Eren

On behalf of the iris Team (in alphabetical order):
Adil Aygün, University of Vienna
Cansu Güner, Technical University of Munich
Kaya Akyüz, University of Vienna
Selen Gülgün, Technical University of Munich
Selen Eren, University of Groningen


Selen Eren,

Ph.D Researcher
Science and Technology Studies I Knowledge Infrastructures

University of Groningen
Campus Fryslân

Wirdumerdijk 34,
8911 CE Leeuwarden
The Netherlands
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