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Message posted on 26/05/2020

European Network for Queer Anthropology - Call for Board Members

Dear colleagues,

The European Network for Queer Anthropology is looking for new Board Members (see below). Maybe someone from the EUROGRAD-community would like to apply?

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This is a call for nominations for new representatives on the ENQA (European Network for Queer Anthropology) board. Nominations and self-nominations are welcome.

So, if you are interested in being a part of a network of scholars and scholar-activists, all involved in anthropological research and activities related to queer themes - broadly defined - and mainly in a European context, then please email with a short statement/pitch or bio to: The deadline for nominations is: 15 June.

The candidates' statements will then be posted on our website and elections will be held online in mid-July. The results will be announced at the ENQA network meeting at the upcoming EASA virtual conference, 21-24 July 2020 (more information about the time and 'place' will be available on EASA's website once the programme is finalised).

Because a number of us have been a part of the board for two terms, we are seeking nominations for ALL positions on the board:
Network Convenor (must be a paid EASA member)
Network Co-convenor (must be a paid EASA member)
PhD representative
Early Career Researcher/Post-graduate representative
Social Media Co-ordinator (Facebook mainly, but theres room to grow here)
AQA (Association for Queer Anthropology) Liason person

Board members are typically elected for 2 years starting from the date of the EASA conference. More information can be given about the roles by contacting the current representative for each position (see the ENQA website for more details), but in brief:

The Convenor and Co-Convenor work closely together to coordinate with EASA and its steering committee, co-ordinating biennial workshops (in collaboration with the rest of the board and ENQA members), organising regular meetings with all board members, writing yearly reports about the activities of ENQA, managing the content of the homepage through close contact with the EASA web administrators, initiate applications for funding, maintaining the mailing list (in collaboration with EASA's technical staff), and monitoring the ENQA email account.

The ECR and PhD representatives assist on all aspects of the above tasks but also make sure the interests of ENQAs junior scholars are considered, especially when it comes to the biennial workshop, panels and events to be sponsored and scheduled for the EASA meetings, and even posting relevant links and information to the mailing list and Facebook (via the SM co-ordinator).

The Social Media co-ordinator maintains the ENQA Facebook page and posts any relevant information relating to ENQA's objectives and queer anthropology.

The AQA Liaison would ideally be someone who will have active communication with AQA and the American Anthropological Association either through attending annual meetings in the U.S. and being a member of AQA. These connections do not already have to be established but a willingness and commitment to relay and foster ties between ENQA and AQA is desirable (and good for networking!).

More about ENQA:
If you've gotten this far, you probably know about ENQA already. If you don't however, ENQA is an organisation that has worked hard since its inception, to bring queer anthropology to the fore and we have really started to become a vibrant and active group. The incoming board would ideally continue to grow our network and also promote queer anthropology. If you would like to read more about ENQA and our objectives please see here:
We look forward to your nominations and welcoming some new members for the 2020-2022 board!
Hadley Zaun Renkin; Anika Kienz; Rebekah Cupitt; Patrick Wielowiejski; Austin Miller; Francis Seeck

Sebastian Mohr

Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies
Managing Editor for NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies
Editor at Kvinder, Kn & Forskning/Women, Gender & Research

Karlstad University
65188 Karlstad

While most people address me with the pronouns he/him/his, I am thankful for communication that goes beyond a gender binary.

I will do my best to meet accomodation needs in communication and personal meetings, so please approach me directly in regard to accessibility.

Being a Sperm Donor: Masculinity, Sexuality, and Biosociality in Denmark

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