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Message posted on 22/05/2020

2 PhD positions in Trondheim

Dear list,

we have two fully funded PhD positions available for aspiring STS
scholars who can imagine to start or continue their career in beautiful
(and safe) Norway.

1. Nurturing productive cultures of dense and flexible work spaces: The
case of universities

Norway is restructuring and partly rebuilding the main campus of its
largest university. So far a likely outcome will be that we end up with
an 'activity based' workplace concept, in which employees move more or
less freely between different 'activity spaces'. Some employees thrive
under these more flexible conditions, while others doubt that they can
be productive at all without a permanent office. This PhD is expected to
produce knowledge about the relation between academic knowledge
production and its material conditions in the form of work spaces.

Application deadline: 15 June 2020
More information attached and here:

2. Representing zero emission built environments

A zero emission balance in the built environment is a very abstract
thing, condensing into one number a large number of heterogeneous actors
that are dispersed in space and time. How can such an abstract thing be
communicated to those who are not fluent in the language of science? The
PhD will search for new answers to this question by exploring a wide
variety of sources, including but not restricted to art theory and
innovative forms of journalism. The project's goal is to study and
improve the current state of science communication in science based
efforts to create carbon neutral built environments.

Application deadline: 30 June 2020
You should be able to read and speak a Scandinavian language to qualify
for this job
More information attached and here:

We are publishing this announcement on EASST-Eurograd, BESTS, and
GWTF-Talk. Sorry for the cross-posting and please feel free to spread
the word through your favourite channels!

Kind regards

t. berker, prof
head of centre for technology and society
department of interdisciplinary studies of culture
norwegian university of science and technology
7491 trondheim, norway

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