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Message posted on 15/05/2020

Webinar series and new website Athena Institute on Covid-19

Dear all,

The Athena Institute will be hosting weekly Covid-19 related webinars under the heading of “Transdisciplinary responses to a global crisis”. Topics include "What is mine is yours. Accelerating R&D responses during outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases”, “Which crisis? Whose evidence? Robust and inclusive evidence for rapid outbreak guidance”, “Large effects at the margins”, and “The epidemiological transition undone?” The webinar series will kick off on Monday 25 May. Feel warmly invited to join and contribute!

As we are involved in a number of Covid-19 related research initiatives, we have additionally launched this new website: On this platform we approach the corona-crisis from different angles – from health systems to global (mental) health and from agriculture and the food system to fostering dialogues at the science, policy and society nexus. We hope some of it may be of interest to you.

Warm wishes,

Teun Zuiderent-Jerak, MA, MA, PhD
Associate Professor of Interactive Governance of Health Interventions
Athena Institute, VU University, Amsterdam
3-min movie on Situated Intervention 5-min movie on STS Making and Doing personal homepage

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