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Message posted on 05/05/2020

AJI Book Manuscript Workshop Winner

The Ann Johnson Institute for STS is thrilled to announce the inaugural winner
of our 2020-2021 book manuscript workshop is Lina Pinto Garca for her book
project Maraa: Leishmaniasis and the Pharmaceuticalization of War in
Columbia. Congratulations Lina! And a big thanks to everyone who submitted
applications, we are in awe of how many interesting STS projects are on the go
and can't wait to see them come to fruition.

You can read more about Lina here

You can read about her book project here:

Maraa: Leishmaniasis and the Pharmaceuticalization of War in Columbia
This ethnographic monograph explores how the Colombian armed conflict and a
vector-borne disease called cutaneous leishmaniasis are inextricably connected
and mutually reinforcing. The stigmatization of the illness as the guerrilla
disease is reinforced by the states restriction on access to antileishmanial
medicines, a measure that is commonly interpreted as a warfare strategy to
affect insurgent groups. Situated at the intersection between STS and critical
medical anthropology, this work draws on multi-sited field research conducted
during the peace implementation period after the agreement reached by the
Colombian government and FARC, the oldest and largest guerrilla organization
in Latin America. It engages not only with the stigmatization of leishmaniasis
patients as guerrilla members and the exclusionary access to antileishmanial
drugs but also with other closely related aspects that constitute the
war-shaped experience of leishmaniasis in Colombia. This work illuminates how
leishmaniasis has been socially, discursively, and materially constructed as a
disease of the war, and how the armed conflict is entangled with the realm of
public health, medicine, and especially pharmaceutical drugs.

Leah McClimans

Associate Professor, Philosophy
Co-Director Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology & Society
Lead for INtegrating Values InTo Evidence-Based Medicine/Policy (INVITE)
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