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Message posted on 17/03/2020

PDC2020 participation(s) otherwise update // + student projects DL extension

Dear colleagues,

PDC2020 and its host festival are preparing hybrid formats to ensure
Participation(s) otherwise in time of climate crisis and global pandemics.
We are preparing now to have a conference, that in the spirit of
participation(s) otherwise, will help us all to explore the joys and
burdens of more distributed approaches to conferencing at many levels, in
ways that can reduce (financial, health & other) risks for our hosts in
Manizales, while providing insights into future sustainable models for
academic conferencing practice.

You can find some preliminary information on the website:

One consequence of this decision is the extension of the DL for student
projects ( ) which is the last
category open for PDC.
Maybe other students feel inclined to participate if online possibilities
are expanded?

We hope you help us spread the info of this possibilities!

Chiara & PDC organising committee

Chiara Del Gaudio |

Assistant Professor
School of Industrial Design
PDC2020 program chair
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