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Message posted on 15/03/2020

Padova Summer School - Mimesis and Composition: Anthropological Perspectives on Technology and Art

This is a first announcement of the Second Padova Summer School on
Philosophy and Cultural Studies of Technology -- „Mimesis and
Composition: Anthropological Perspectives on Technology and Art“
(September 14 to 19, 2o2o).

The making of a humanly built world involves many ways of weaving and
drawing things together, of joining and splitting, molding and fitting.
These, broadly speaking, mimetic and compositional procedures serve not
only the creation of artefacts but define relations to people and
things, form social bonds. Through them, we have been making and
remaking ourselves - inviting perspectives from archaeology, cultural
and cognitive anthropology, history and philosophy of technology, art
theory, media studies, and STS.

Featured guest speakers: Tim Ingold (anthropology, Aberdeen) and Maria
Muhle (philosophy, aesthetic theory, Munich) - The core faculty
includes: Natascha Adamowsky (Cultural and Media Studies, Siegen),
Jacopo Bonetto (Archaeology, Padova), Marcello Ghilardi (Archaeology,
Padova), Fabio Grigenti (Philosophy, Padova), Kevin Liggieri (Philosophy
and History of Technology, Darmstadt), Alfred Nordmann (Philosophy,
Darmstadt), Oliver Schlaudt (philosophy, Heidelberg, and cognitive
archaeology, Tübingen), and Astrid Schwarz (Philosophy and Technoscience
Studies, Cottbus).

The Summer School is open to advanced MA students, PhD candidates and
postdocs who can send expressions of interest and a short CV to - there are no costs for participation in
the summer school, also accommodation and most meals will be covered. A
more detailed call for participation will be published within the next 2
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