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Message posted on 10/03/2020

5 year salaried PhD position in STS at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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The unit of Science, Technology, and Society at Chalmers University of
Technology is currently inviting applications for a salaried five year PhD
position that is to investigate the consequences of introducing AI and Big
Data in biomedicine from a social science perspective.

The project is led by Francis Lee ( at the unit for
Science and Technology Studies at Chalmers University of Technology in
Gothenburg, sweden.

5 year salaried PhD position with full Swedish benefits
The position is a 5 year salaried PhD position that will investigate the
consequences of introducing AI in precision medicine from a social science
perspective. The PhD position is  salaried providing 5 years of full-time
employment as a PhD student. This includes full Swedish benefits such as paid
holidays and parental leave.

AI: A new scientific revolution? Dilemmas, debates, & challenges
Today, new digital tools and methods create a growing flood of Big data. In
order to manage this growing flood of data, many data-driven research projects
in biomedicine are turning to new analytical methods using AI. As a result, we
are currently experiencing an explosive introduction of AI in biomedicine. AI
seems to promise a whole new way of producing knowledge about the world.

But what are the consequences of introducing AI in biomedical knowledge
production? What happens to knowledge production when human judgment and the
traditional scientific method are supplemented with, and sometimes replaced
by, AI and the analysis of large amounts of data? How do actors handle the
introduction of AI in the biosciences? What are the debates that AI lead to?
Challenges? Dilemmas?

We are looking for candidates with a master's level degree from the social
sciences, humanities, or engineering with a strong interest in how technology
is intertwined with knowledge production. Relevant degrees can be in for
instance in STS, sociology, anthropology, communication studies, or other
related fields. Additional qualifications for applicants with a MSc (Science
or Engineering) degree are a Master's thesis on a social scientifically themed
topic and experience/interest in working with qualitative social science

Send any questions to Francis Lee at

Apply here
Applications are accepted through Chalmers recruitment

Francis Lee
Associate Professor (Docent), Senior Researcher
Chalmers University of Technology

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» Algorithms as folding: Reframing the analytical focus
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