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Message posted on 28/02/2020

Cfp 4S/EASST - Open panel: Exploring Empowerment in the Co-Creation of Innovation

Dear everyone,

Please consider submitting an abstract for the open panel 61 - Exploring
Empowerment in the Co-creation of Innovation @ 4S/EASST, August 18-21,

DEADLINE is tomorrow, 29 February!

61. Exploring Empowerment in the Co-creation of Innovation
Co-creation continues to be a powerful way to frame practices of technology
development and governance. On its own terms, it transforms passive recipients
into active co-creators, lending a participative hue to innovation imperatives
that otherwise urge disruption and scale-up. And amongst design, business and
policy practitioners, co-creation provides a usefully ambiguous framework with
which to guide the design and deployment of experiments, interventions and
instruments in domains as diverse as energy production, health care and
The promise of co-creation is the empowerment of those usually excluded from
processes of knowledge production. Advocates claim it affords more meaningful
and material participation where the inputs of a diversity of stakeholders are
taken on an equal-footing. Yet what exactly empowerment is in co-creation
remains unclear, and this lack of clarity has implications for the extent to
which co-creation will be adopted by influential actors such as policy-makers
as an approach to include society in technoscientific innovation.
This panel seeks to explore questions about the empowerment and co-creation
nexus. Who or what is empowered, by what means (emergence), and to what ends?
Which concepts of power and agency might help us to think this through? Does
empowerment for some mean disempowerment of others? What are the implications
for ethics, responsibility and governance? What makes empowerment under
co-creation different from existing calls for participation in innovation?
We welcome conceptual and empirical papers that explores these questions and
others that deal with the role of empowerment, communities, agency in
practices of co-creation and knowledge production.

Shelly Tsui, Eindhoven University of Technology;
Cian O'Donovan, University College London;
Makoto Takahashi, Technical University Munich;
Sophie Nyborg, Technical University of Denmark - DTU;
Erik Laes, Eindhoven University of Technology;
Mandi Astola, E, Eindhoven University of Technology


Sophie Nyborg


Department of Technology, Management and Economics

Innovation Division

Dir. +45 45 25 45 40


Building 358, room 168

2800 Kgs. Lyngby
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