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Message posted on 26/02/2020

Call for abstracts: 157. Situating Co-creation: Innovation between Local Specificity and Scalable Standardization (EASST/4S)

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite submissions for our open panel 157. Situating
Co-creation: Innovation between Local Specificity and Scalable
at EASST/4S in Prague, August 2020.

Panel description:

Co-creative practices, bringing together diverse actors in the innovation
process to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, seem to be flourishing across
academia, industry and society. Prospective users are increasingly engaged
upstream, invoking the fundamental value-proposition of co-creation, namely to
tailor innovation processes to the needs, values, and political cultures of
user-communities with the hope that these will lead to more legitimate and
sustainable outcomes. However, co-creation faces challenges such as the
scalability of context-specific solutions as well as the definition of the
user-community problems to address or the imagined user-communities as such.
In this panel, we are interested in exploring the situated nature of
co-creation by looking at the particular shape it takes in specific social,
cultural and institutional contexts. We invite contributions that address
questions such as:

- How do conceptualizations of 'the local' shape innovation processes and
- How can situatedness be theorized in the context of co-creative innovation
- If effective and desirable innovations are context-specific, how can we
harness their benefits for other settings without losing their socio-cultural
- When and how could co-creation be standardized and scaled-up? Are there
specific domains or fields where context matters less than in others and where
co-creation can be homogenized and deployed at scale?
- How are co-creation practices stabilized in specific contexts and when are
these exercises deemed fit to travel towards other socio-cultural contexts
and/or technological domains?

Session organizers: Anja K. Ruess (Technical University of Munich); Federica
Pepponi (Technical University of Munich); Kyriaki Papageorgiou (ESADE Business
& Law School); Ruth Mller (Technical University of Munich); Benjamin Lipp
(Technical University of Munich); Carlos Cuevas Garcia (Technical University
of Munich)

Contact: Anja K. Ruess (

If interested, please submit your paper via the conference website The deadline for abstract submissions is
February 29th 2020. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

All the best,
Anja, Federica, Kyriaki, Ruth, Benjamin and Carlos
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