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Message posted on 08/02/2020

Call for submissions: EASST/4S Prague 2020 "Perspective on Innovation" – panel 167

We would like to invite submissions to our panel Perspectives on Innovation:
Significance and Agency in Emerging Worlds at this years EASST/4S conference
in Prague, August 2020. The deadline for submitting an abstract is February
29, 2020.

There is now a well-established story of STS and innovation studies working at
some distance from one another, with innovation scholars sometimes calling for
a closer relationship with STS in order to repair this division. However,
there have always been good examples of STS scholars working across both
fields and contributing to each. At the same time, there is a growing strand
of STS research which addresses innovation in terms (for example) of
imaginaries, co-production, responsibilities, transformations and
incumbencies. Very often, such research challenges the universalistic claims
made for innovation and instead stresses the contingencies, multiple
possibilities, interruptions, emergences and contexts within which specific
innovations are enacted. Themes of innovation cultures, futures, regenerations
and democratic engagement are also important here. This open panel invites
contributions from STS scholars whose work addresses the broad topic of
innovation in emerging worlds. We welcome empirical studies exploring
innovation in specific contexts but also those which seek new conceptual
possibilities regarding the relationship between STS and innovation. What
place can and should the study of innovation play within STS?

Convenors: Alan Irwin, Copenhagen Business School and Jane Bjrn Vedel,
Copenhagen Business School

Venlig hilsen / Kind regards,

Assistant professor, PhD

Kilen, Kilevej 14A / Room K.4.43
2000 Frederiksberg

Mob.: +45 5383 4078

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