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Message posted on 07/02/2020

PostDoc (3 years): History and Philosophy of Gravitational Wave Physics

The University of Bonn, Germany, invites applications for a postdoctoral
fellowship in history and philosophy of physics. The position will provide
an outstanding early-career scholar with a unique opportunity to pursue
research in collaboration with the other members of the Lichtenberg group
in integrated history and philosophy of physics at the University of
Bonn. The advertised position is part of the project on β€œThe role of
inference to the best explanation in the discovery of gravitational
waves”(PI: Prof Dennis Lehmkuhl) in the DFG-funded research unit "Inductive
Metaphysics" (

Applications from candidates with a suitable background in philosophy of
physics, history of physics or indeed gravitational physics itself, would
be particularly welcome. The deadline for application is 29 February 2020.
For the official job ad including details on how to apply, and for more
details on the Lichtenberg group, please see:
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