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Message posted on 05/02/2020

CfA EASST/4S - (Transnational) research infrastructures as sites of technopolitical transformations

Dear all,

Below, you will find the call for abstracts for our open panel 199 at
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) if you have any questions!

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Kamiel Mobach

(Transnational) research infrastructures as sites of technopolitical
As large-scale collaboration in research and the shared use of data and
machinery continue to expand, (transnational) research infrastructures grow
increasingly significant for scientific practice and research policy alike.
Next to scientific relevance, research infrastructures have long articulated
broader political visions of progress and collaboration. Research
infrastructures therefore provide a key site for STS to study sociotechnical
transformations and related political imaginations across space and time. For
this open session, we invite contributions that conceptualize (transnational)
research infrastructures as simultaneously epistemic and political spaces that
mutually shape one another.

Papers may discuss research infrastructures that include, but are not limited
to, large machinery, shared databases and institutional networks. The material
and institutional configuration of such infrastructures can range from
large-scale, centralized laboratories to distributed networks enabling the
circulation of bodies, materials and data. We invite contributions that
consider a wide range of research infrastructures from disciplines as diverse
as physics, biology, social sciences and humanities, as well as other fields.
We are particularly interested in perspectives on the relations between, on
the one hand, the perceived need to coordinate scientific facilities,
infrastructures, resources and governance, and, on the other hand, questions
of participation, rights and responsibilities, public legitimacy and
anticipated public benefits. In what ways are research infrastructures not
only expected to enhance scientific knowledge production, but also to produce,
consolidate or advance political visions and social orders?
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