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Session announcement - STS of Outer Space, STS Italia conference June 18-20 2020, Triest

Dear collagues,
We are organzing session on STS Studies of Outer Space at the 8th STS
Italia Conference will be hosted by the University of Trieste, Italy, June
18 through 20, 2020. Please see the call here


There is a grant scheme for scholars from Cetnral and Eastern Europe and
there would approximately 20 grants covering travel and
accommodation costs. More for the conference is at and on Call for abstract at

The deadline for abstacts is Febriary 9, 2020.

Kind rregards,
Ivan Tchalakov

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> Call for Abstracts to participate in Open Panel 97:
> Locating & Timing Governance in STS and Universities
> to be held in Prague, 18-21 August 2020, at the joint conference
> of the
> European Association for Studies of Science & Technology (EASST)
> and the
> Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S)
> The conference theme is Locating and Timing Matters: Significance and
> Agency of STS in Emerging Worlds

> There are various ways to participate in the 4s/EASST 2020 meeting: Open
> Panel Papers, Closed Panel Proposals, and Making/Doing Sessions
> For
> example, 217 open panels now are seeking paper submissions. See panel
> descriptions and search for key words at
> Call for abstracts to participate in Open Panel 97:
> Locating & Timing Governance in STS and Universities
> Organizers Knut H. Sørensen (NTNU) and Sharon Traweek (UCLA)
> For many generations universities have been institutions of higher
> education and research. Now they are expected to contribute to local and
> global economies by commercializing research and spurring innovation, while
> addressing grand social challenges like climate mitigation and social
> disparities. They also must engage successfully in mass higher education
> and outreach with a variety of publics. This means that universities now
> occupy a strategic place in re/shaping society by circulating research and
> knowledge through teaching and professional expertise. Meanwhile,
> universities have become subject to increased auditing practices and
> austerity policies, locally and globally. Many universities turn to experts
> in branding and commodification for strategies in defining and representing
> their work as successful.
> STS provides resources for understanding such dis/continuities in the
> making and circulation of knowledge while the study of universities in
> dynamic ecologies is vital to addressing unexamined assumptions in STS
> about the relationship between research, teaching, and society, as well as
> the governance of that relationship. We invite papers that address how
> universities engage with the changing:
> - fragility and resilience of university cultures.
> - demands for rapid intellectual, social, and economic contributions to
> society;
> - work life and agency of academics
> - relationship between teaching, research, innovation, and outreach;
> - use of social media and branding practices by universities;
> - intersectional issues in knowledge making, teaching, outreach, funding,
> and society;
> - political economies of research, teaching, funding, and outreach;
> - campus infrastructures from software & budgets to buildings &
> transportation;
> - increasingly complex webs of relationships among universities glocally
> through rankings, MOUs, satellite campuses, academic mobilities, etc.
> The organizers are co-authors of Questing Excellence: Tales of
> Two Universities
(under contract with Routledge).
> Abstract Requirements: Give your main arguments, methods, and
> contributions to specific aspects of the panel topic in in 250 words or
> less. Deadline for abstract submissions is 29 February 2020. Submission
> information
> For more information contact:
> Knut H Sørensen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
> Sharon Traweek, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
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Ivan Tchalakov, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology of Science and Technology - Department of Applied
and Institutional Sociology, University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Senior Research Fellow - BAS Institute for the Study of Knowledge & Society
Senior Research Fellow - Center for Policy Analyses & Studies of
Technologies (PAST), Tomsk State University, Russia
Editor-in-Chief - International Journal of Actor-Network Theory and
Technological Innovation (from 2016 till 2018)
2016 Fulbright Research Fellow - Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
phone +359 899 417530; +7 961 891 0596

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