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Message posted on 30/10/2019

CFP For Book Manuscript Workshop

The Ann Johnson Institute (AJI) for Science, Technology and Society at the
University of South Carolina welcomes applications for a one-day book
manuscript workshop to be held in September 2020.

This workshop is targeted towards individuals at any career stage who have not
previously published a monograph. The successful applicant will have a
first-time book manuscript near completion at the time of applying. He or she
will invite, and the AJI will fund, up to three senior experts in the authors
field as well as an acquisitions editor from a major scholarly press to
campus. A small group of relevant experts within the South Carolina community
may also attend.

The purpose of this workshop is to support stronger and more rigorous
manuscripts from first-time STS authors. Equally, it is geared toward
developing communities of colleagues from different disciplines and
geographical locations. The AJI is committed to building such communities from
the bottom up, seeding them and positioning them to question and reframe
complex problems. The AJI takes a broad approach to STS, envisioning it in
partnership with historical, philosophical, scientific, engineering and
medical approaches, because at the AJI community is the method.

The deadline for submissions is 1 March 2020. Please apply via email to with AJI book manuscript
workshop in the subject heading. In the attachment to your email, please

Short CV
One-page description of the book project, including its current stage of
* Four to five names of senior experts to invite, please include their
rank, University or home department, their field/specialty, and briefly why
you would like to invite them (two sentences)

These and further details are attached. Questions should be sent to the above
email with the subject heading "Book Workshop Question".

Looking forward to reading about your wonderful book projects!

Leah McClimans & Allison Marsh

Leah McClimans
ASSISTID Marie Curie Fellow (University College Cork)
Associate Professor (University of South Carolina), Philosophy
Co-Director Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology & Society
2016 Mungo Teaching Award Winner

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